Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Q-TV: GLAAD's "What to Watch" for Wednesday, August 26

Here's today's list of GLAAD-approved TV viewing for those of us LGBTers with no social lives. It's not "must see" TV. It's more like "you might wanna check this out if you're bored and there's nothing better to watch" TV.

Tonight, we say good-bye to the criminally lovely ladies on Logo’s Bad Girls. May they continue to love and betray at the Larkhall Women’s Prison Facility so that next season will be just as filled with drama.

9:00 pm Bad Girls, Logo (1 hr) SEASON FINALE
The hit British series continues to delve deeper into the drama, love and betrayal that unfolds between the inmates, correctional officers, and prison administrators of the Larkhall women’s prison facility.

10:00 pm The Real World: Cancun, MTV (1hr) NEW
Watch and see what kind of shenanigans gay housemate Derek and bisexual Emilee get into this week as all seven housemates continue drinkin’ and soakin’ in the Cancun sun!

10:00pm Top Chef, Bravo (1 hr) NEW
Battle lines are drawn and the guys and girls face off in a contest to cater a poolside bachelor-and-bachelorette party. So out chefs Ashley Merriman and Preeti Mistry are cookin’ for the ladies versus Ash Fulk repping it solo on the guy’s team. Who will win? Better watch and find out!

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