Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Price of Hate: Focus on The Family is $6 Million in the Hole

The Interwebs are abuzz with the yesterday's news that evangelical hate group, Focus on The Family (FOF) is facing a $6 million budget shortfall this year, which explains why founder and Chief Executive Hater, James Dobson stepped down earlier this year. I love it when the other shoe drops.

The Washington Blade reports that FOF's ex-gay brainwashing "ministry" Love Won Out is being outsourced to Exodus International, another faith-based group that believes you can pray away the gay.

In a letter to 800,000 of it's contributors, FOF made a pathetic plea for funding, saying "Because, you're family, I believe you'll want to stay up-to-date on our circumstances, pray with us and, if possible, offer your financial support."

The announcement comes on the heals of the American Psychological Association's release of the results of a study which shows that ex-gay conversion therapy not only doesn't work, but may be psychologically damaging.

In these tough economic times, it can be difficult to choose between feeding your family, and financially supporting the preaching of lies and intolerance. Thankfully, it looks like Focus on the Family hasn't got a prayer.

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