Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Wave Wednesday: "Talking Heads"

Okay, folks, I've decided to go all retro on your asses with a new weekly feature called New Wave Wednesday. In the late 70's Punk Rock was shaking things up on the international music scene. Kids were putting safety pins through their noses, spiking their hair with technicolor Jello, ripping up their favorite jeans and t-shirts and generally scaring the shit out of their parents.

Then there was New Wave. This punk offshoot was more techno in sound and most of it was danceable. The look and sound was both futuristic and retro. The clothes were more geometrically constructed, with overly broad shoulders and lots of brightly colored plastic accessories. Of course the look, which set the tone for fashion and style in the 80's, wouldn't have been complete without a set of Buddy Holly horn-rimmed classes.

Where Punk had the raw, gritty feel on New York and London, New Wave was all about LA. (See Bette Midler's house in "Ruthless People".)

One of the best examples of the New Wave sound was Talking Heads, lead by David Byrne. Here's Talking Heads with their classic "Burning Down the House".

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