Monday, July 5, 2010

Gay Couple Marries After 62 Years (video)

Theirs is a classic love story that has endured for over six decades. Bob Davis and Henry Schalizki met 62 years ago while serving in the navy during World War II. Actually, the inseparable couple met three times before making their relationship permanent.

Bob and Henry's love has endured the Cold War, Stonewall, Viet Nam, Disco, AIDS and 12 U.S. presidents. Although the couple never engaged in public displays of affection, they were always accepted as a couple and attended work and social functions together.

On June 20th, Bob and Henry were finally able to make it legal in a beautiful wedding ceremony atop the J.W. Marriott, overlooking the Washington DC skyline. "Wow, what a long engagement that was!" Bob told their wedding guests. "Sixty-two years! Something had to give."

The following video comes courtesy of The Blade. There is also a great story in The Washington Post.

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