Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Viking Zombie Boyfriend, by Jeremy Rizza (7-20-10)

This week: After some coaching from Rorik, Paco flies solo at the local bear bar. 

FYI, I don't believe in censorship, especially on the web and on this site in particular. Having said that, you should know that VZB is not your meemaw's "Betty and Veronica" type comic strip. It is drawn, written and intended for grown ups and uses big boy language and sometimes depicts big boys doing big boy things. 

I only include the above because I know that some readers subscribe to the site via e-mail and may be viewing it at work or someplace where crumb-crunchers and cookie-crumblers are running around and deserve the courtesy of a warning. 

Thanks for your support!

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Posted with the permission of the artist. Visit VikingZombieBoyfriend.com for previous strips, character back stories and cool merchandise.

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