Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Friends Deny Supreme Court Nominee Kagan is Gay

What's a frumpy, professional woman with no fashion sense to do when accusations of homosexuality get some traction in the main stream media? President Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan has decided to let her friends do the talking. has been reporting on the lesbian rumors that first started circulating when Kagan's name appeared on the short list of possible nominees to replace retiring justice John Paul Stevens. Politico's Ben Smith reports:
“I’ve known her for most of her adult life and I know she’s straight,” said Sarah Walzer, Kagan’s roommate in law school and a close friend since then. “She dated men when we were in law school, we talked about men — who in our class was cute, who she would like to date, all of those things. She definitely dated when she was in D.C. after law school, when she was in Chicago – and she just didn’t find the right person.”
These are the same rumors that surface any time a woman - especially a single woman - in politics achieves a higher level of power. It threatens to disrupt the male-dominated status quo. Hillary Clinton and former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno had to deal with the same issue.

It's bad enough when the blogs and on-line news fan the flames of gossip and innuendo, but this week the Wall Street Journal weighed in on the non-issue in its cover story and the accompanying photo of a younger Kagan playing softball.

Personally, I don't care if she's gay or straight. What concerns me and I think should concern all of us, is Kagan's lack of judicial experience. She's never even judged a pie eating (no pun intended) contest. There is no history of rulings to look at to get an idea of how she might rule on some of the issues she's likely to face on the the court, such as the constitutional challenge to California's Prop 8 or the just launched challenge to The Defense of Marriage Act.

But the most important question for me is, "What's up with the Marge Simpson beads?"
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