Thursday, May 20, 2010

International: Aussie Minister Quits over Gay Sex Club Scandal

Back in March rabidly anti-gay California Senator Roy Ashburn, made international headlines for his arrest on a DUI charge after a visit to a gay sex club. Then two weeks ago it was all about the anti-gay advocate George Rekers getting his bag handled by a gay escort/travel companion. Well, it's gratifying to know that political gay sex scandals aren't limited to the good old USA.

From the land down under comes this report about a minister of parliament (MP) who got caught leaving a gay sex club. Apparently the scandal here is not that married-with-children Transport Minister David Campbell was at the club called Ken's at Kensington (NSFW) for two hours, but that he drove his official ministry vehicle there.

According to the club's website, for $22 guests have access to a pool, sauna, spa, steam, gym and a lounge. Don't you just love the more evolved view of sex that the Aussies have? It would have been perfectly okay for closet case Campbell to be in a gay sex club if he had just used his own car to get there.

MP Campbell was under surveillance by a local news crew due in part to his unexplained absence during a major highway traffic management technical meltdown in which hundreds of commuters were stranded for hours in a giant traffic jam.

Campbell ran for office as a "family values" conservative. His resignation was immediately accepted Thursday night. Campbell released the following statement:

“I have resigned as Minister for Transport and Roads for personal reasons, not for any reasons relating to my Ministerial duties,” Mr Campbell said in a statement. “I apologise to my wife, family, colleagues, staff and the community for letting them down. This will be a very difficult time for my family and friends and I ask for their privacy to be respected.”
Read the full story with video here.
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