Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One Click to Lobby Your Reps on ENDA

I just love those creative folks at the Bilerico Project. Trans activist and Bilerico Editor Dr. Jillian Weiss has set up a page on the site where readers can go to lobby their elected representative via e-mail to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

Don't know who your reps are? That's okay. Just enter your zip code and the site will ID them for you.

Don't know what to what to say? That's okay too. There is a message already in the body of the e-mail asking your Senator and Congress person for their support. You can also change or add to the text. Then you just key in your name and address and click send. The whole thing takes seconds.

This effort is especially important to those of us living in Virginia and states like it. Our embarrassment of a governor Bob McDonnell and his fascist henchmen Ken Cuccinelli have stated for the record that protection from employment discrimination is not needed at the state level because federal law offers all the protection we need.

For the record, there are no federal laws protecting LGBT Americans from employment discrimination. That's why we need ENDA.

Click here to go to The Bilerico Project's ENDA Now page.
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