Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Poll: Majority of Marylanders Favor Same-sex Marriage

The Washington Post reports that recent polling shows that 46% of  respondents to a poll on same-sex marriage in Maryland were in favor and 44% were opposed. 10% had no opinion (HUH?)

Most interesting is that 55%  of those polled indicated that if a same-sex couple marries in another state, that marriage should be legally recognized in Maryland.

The neighboring states of Virginia and Maryland are separated by the Potomac River and about a century of social progress. People living in the DC suburbs of Northern Virginia can get to the Maryland side of the river by wading about 20 yards across the Potomac in certain parts of Great Falls, Va., where my sister Betsy and her family live.

In the sleepy little town of Piney Point in southern Maryland, where the Potomac meets the Chesapeake Bay, my sister Jane can sit on the back porch of her waterfront home and look out across the river at the Virginia shoreline over a mile away. To me this is so symbolic of the difference between Maryland and Virginia. So politically and culturally alike in the north, miles apart in the south. So why do I live in Southwestern Virginia? Because it's where I'm needed.

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