Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Day Without the Juice: Random Ramblings

Well, friends, here we go again. I'm having another one of those days when the creative juices aren't flowing and all the stories in the news are being done to death by everybody. So it's time for another one of my non sequitur, stream of consciousness ramblings.

There's a touch of Fall in the air here at Morning Wood Acres. The first bit of color is in the leaves and the temps have been dipping lower than I usually like. I hate the cold.

We tried having a yard sale over the weekend. Paul made some beautiful floral wreaths and was trying to sell them along with some other stuff from the garage. He made $5 on some old nick-nacks. The few people that did show up were more interested in the things in the yard that weren't for sale.

Larry King used to do this kind of thing for USA Today and got paid lots of money to write crap like "Sometimes there's nothing better than a tuna melt and a glass of Bosco." I can write better shit than that on my worst day. Maybe it's the suspenders.

The cat has been peeing in my bedroom again and I can't figure out why. Maybe she's mad at me.

I once dated someone who was raised in the Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church. I used to have fun with him by making statements like, "I don't believe in religion." He'd ask, "How can you not believe in God?" I'd tell him, "That's not what I said. Religion is nothing more than organized superstition and has nothing to do with faith." He'd get this look on his face like a dog watching a football game on TV.

I am confounded on a daily basis at work by people who show up with their laptops wanting a document printed, but have no idea how to get it out of their computer. And they make three or four times what I make.

After trying for the last forty years to lose my New Jersey accent, suddenly New Jersey is hot. Reality shows like Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, Jersey Couture and the Real Housewives of New Jersey are so embarrassing for this former Jersey Boy. They're so friggin' stoopid.

I'd eat more low calorie, fat-free foods if they tasted like pizza or Cheetos.
Hope you enjoyed this little tour of my psyche. There's something about three days of rain that brings it out. Have a great day and stay dry.
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  1. Sometimes what the muse gives to write isn't given to be "great" prose. Sometimes it's given just to make us happy to "set 'n' visit". Next time husbear and I are in Roanoke, we'll have to take you guys out for lunch to do exactly that, just sit 'n' visit.

    Kitteh is suddenly peeing inside? Sometimes they do that when they have a little kidney uh-oh. Might get her checked. Maybe a little infection. Might have to change her food to an ultra-low-ash formula. A few bucks more, but she'll be healthier and happier.

    About religion, yeah, what you said. The moment I shed the last vestige of religion, I was free to have faith. I no longer had to define it or mess with it. I could just let it be what it wanted to be. Spirit, Whatever Spirit might be, and I now coexist peacefully and happily. Much better arrangement.

    Peace, brother.

    -James in Yanceyville

  2. Thanks, James! I think the cat is just getting old and sometimes doesn't make it downstairs to the litter box. Or she might be trying to tell me that it's time to change the litter. She was leaving me "presents" behind the open bedroom door for a while. I had a hell of a time finding where the smell was coming from.

    Regarding faith, some traditionalists don't understand my views on religion, but that's okay. As long as I do, that's all that matters to me. Occasionally I meet someone who gets it and we have great discussions. Then there are those who go to church several times a week but tell me they're not superstitious and I have a quiet laugh to myself.

    Would love to see you guys next time you're in the area. Hit me up on Facebook or send an e-mail.



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