Thursday, September 23, 2010

Viking Zombie Boyfriend, By Jeremy Rizza (09-23-10)

Notes from the artist:
Ever since I got the idea for Osmunda Haines, I’ve been itching to draw her into the strip.  My original conception of her was more horrific: below the waist, leggy starlet; above the waist, a squat, shriveled pile resembling a termite mound.  I tried lots of designs, but they were all too grotesque.  I think my final model is just disturbing enough to be funny.  Osmunda has great legs, like Joan Crawford (and was born the same year), and she has wildly age-inappropriate “glamour girl” hair, like Ginger Rogers in the 1970’s.  She was initially inspired by Martha Raye, and slated to star in a storyline involving Sticky.  I haven’t decided if I still want to write that one or not.  At any rate, Dill is Osmunda’s biggest fan, so we’ll learn more about her and the film “Gazebo” as the strip progresses.
-- Jeremy Rizza

Posted with the permission of the artist. Visit for previous strips, character back stories and cool merchandise.
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