Friday, September 24, 2010

Watch: Federal Judge Rules Against DADT Discharge (video)

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A federal judge in Tacoma Washington ruled late today in the case of Major Margaret Witt that not only was her presence not a threat to morale and unit cohesion, but in fact, the opposite is true. Judge Ronald Leighton ordered that Major Witt be reinstated. His ruling says, in part:
 " was Major Witt's suspension and ultimate discharge that caused a loss of morale throughout the squadron. In addition, several other former service members testified about their military experience as closeted gays or lesbians and the positive reaction of their fellow servicemen and women once they acknowledged their sexual orientation." 
 Watch Rachel Maddow discuss the ruling and what has become known as the Witt Standard with Major Witt and Lieutenant Colonel Victor Fehrenbach, who is also fighting to get his Air Force job back.

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  1. It is my opinion that our President is NOT on our side on this issue or any other GLBT equality issue. He is not refusing to challenge these rulings as did Bown and Schwartzenager re. Prop 8 in Ca. recently. He is a hinderance to our push forward...and it seems evident that he truly does not believe what he says, in so many of his nicely worded speeches. Rachel have my vote !


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