Thursday, September 16, 2010

Biden to Maddow on why no moratorium on DADT firings: "That's the compromise we had to make." (video)

Rachel Maddow interviewed Vice President Joe Biden on her show Wednesday night about a variety of topics, including Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Maddow asked Biden flat out why the president doesn't institute a an end to dismissals until full repeal is achieved.

Biden admitted that it was a case of political deal making. He says if it were up to him, he'd end the policy with the stroke of a pen and allow fired gay and lesbian service members to get their jobs back, if they wanted them.

Biden said last night "...the truth of the matter is, we had to build a consensus for this. Working very hard on the telephone. Calling people. And everybody’s looking forward to the orderly elimination of this law. I would prefer it not be orderly. I prefer it just end, boom, done. But that’s why that hasn’t happened. It’s resulted in us getting over 55 votes, I think we’ll get 55 vote, to flat repeal it."

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