Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Wave Wednesday: "Big Country" by Big Country (Music Video)

Yes, kids, it's time to step into the Way-Back Machine again for a trip back to the 80's, to the days when big hair and bad fashion were cool. It's New Wave Wednesday!

This week's music video comes from the Scottish band Big Country, with their 1983 hit "Big Country". Wikipedia describes the highland quintet, calling them "notable for music heavily accented with traditional Scottish folk and martial music styles, as well as for playing and engineering their guitar sound to resemble the bagpipes, fiddles and other traditional folk instruments."

The band had a few hits in the UK, but stateside they only achieved one-hit-wonder status.

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  1. A while back I was at a friends party and he said "big Country is my favorite band". It took me by surprise, I had only ever heard the one song and it was not even a favorite, turned out he had 5 or six albums of theirs. Up until then I had always thought of them as just one of these Scottish bar bands that had a lucky break.

  2. Hey, fester. I had the same impression. Scottish bands don't get a lot of play in the U.S. Occasionally one will achieve one-hit-wonder status here like Big Country, The Proclaimers or the Bay City Rollers


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