Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Wave Wednesday: "Walk Like an Egyptian" by The Bangles (Music Video)

Everything (The Bangles album)Image via WikipediaThis week's video comes from 80's power girl band The Bangles. Walk Like an Egyptian topped the charts in '83 and had people all over the place doing that stupid hieroglyphic arm thing. It was a fun, catchy song nonetheless and was the first of a few big hits for the band. 

Manic Monday and the a cover of the Simon and Garfunkle hit Hazy Shade of Winter, from the Robert Downey, Jr. film "Less Than Zero" are the only two other songs I can remember from these chicks. They were one of those bands that burned too hot, too fast and flamed out too soon.

Susanna Hoffs, who does the twitchy back and forth  eye thing in this video, became a real fame whore and created a lot of tension within the band. She had a brief solo career after the band imploded. They didn't last long, but The Bangles definitely made a lasting impression.

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