Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Christine O'Donnell : "Why aren't monkeys still evolving?" (video)

Bill Maher issued a challenge to Sarah Palin's botched clone Christine O'Donnell a couple of weeks ago. Well, it was a little more than a challenge. He said on his HBO show Real Time that if O'Donnell didn't appear on his show, he would air clips from her many appearances on his old ABC show, Politically Incorrect.

O'Donnell was a frequent guest on Maher's old show, which he still owns. Last week Maher aired a clip where O'Donnell admitted that she had "dabbled into witchcraft", telling the panel that she once had a first date with a guy that involved a blood-stained alter. Grammatical errors aside, what she actually described taking part in was Satanism, not Wicca. The devil is in the details. (Sorry for the bad pun.)

Last week Delaware's darling of the Teabaggers, who believes masturbation is adultery and once worked for an ex-gay ministry, told Sean Hannity on Fox "News" that she would no longer do any interviews with the national media. Maybe because they're too smart for her?

This week Bill Maher dug deep into the archives to find another O'Donnell gem from 1998, where she takes on evolution, calling it a myth and asking, "why aren't monkeys still evolving into humans?" You can't make this stuff up. This clip come via Think Progress.

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