Thursday, April 21, 2011

Confirmed! AbFab to Film New Episodes!

Break out the Bolly and the Stoli and set out lots of nibbley things, Sweetie Dahling! Actress Joanna Lumley (Pasty, Pasty Stone) has confirmed that she will be teaming up with Jennifer Saunders (Edina Monsoon) once again to reprise their iconic roles with an all new three-episode season of Absolutely Fabulous.

The Guardian reports:

Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley will reprise their roles as Patsy and Edina in three new episodes of the sitcom expected to begin filming later this year. The BBC said it was "putting the finishing touches to the deal" and is expected to confirm it imminently.
Lumley is reported to have told Hello! magazine that shooting will begin in the summer, but she said Saunders had not yet started on the script.
"In late August I start filming on three episodes of Absolutely Fabulous, which we are all ecstatic about," added Lumley. "Miss Saunders has been so busy writing Uptown Downstairs Abbey for Comic Relief and also Spice Girls: The Musical, I don't think she's started [the script]."
Lumley sparked speculation about a possible return for the show last November when she said Saunders had written to her about bringing the sitcom back.
"Jen wrote to me and said, 'Let's talk through it. What do you think?'. And I said, 'Bring it on'. Because we're all still here. Mother's still alive, the wonderful June Whitfield. Julia Sawalha [and] Jane Horrocks [are] all still alive and available ... and I think we just have to do it," she said at the time.
"The great thing is that because ... we fast-forwarded to where they're very old and nearly dead and practically plugged into vodka machines, it doesn't matter how beyond [the original series] we do it," she added.
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