Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Viking Zombie Boyfriend, by Jeremy Rizza (4-5-11)

I call this week's VZB post "Catharsis". Read Jeremy's comments and you'll understand why: 
"Panels two through four are an almost verbatim recreation of an exchange between myself (played by Dill here) and an obnoxious, hateful woman in a restaurant last winter.  There’s something surreal about being loudly accused of picking your nose in a public place by a trashy, vulgar woman who looks like a guest on the Jerry Springer Show.  Rorik is a stand-in for my, shall we say, more free-spirited partner Chris, who wanted to tell the crazy bitch where to stick it.  For my sake, and because there were kids nearby, he had to content himself with making audible cracks about her for the remainder of the meal.  I do wish I had actually told her to stop looking at me, because she wasn’t even facing me and had apparently been gawking at me while I was blowing my nose."
Click on the image to make it bigger. Visit VikingZombieBoyfriend.com for past strips, character back stories and VZB merchandise. You can "like" VZB on FaceBook and learn more about its creator, the talented Jeremy Rizza.
Posted with permission.

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