Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding or Royal Pain?

Prince William and Princess Katherine of Wales
Did you get up at 4am for the wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate? If you did, you're a better gay than I am.

I know, I'm a bad gay boy, but I really don't like weddings, even though I want to right to choose for myself whether or not to have one. A lot of my friends got up early this morning to watch, even though they have to work today. Are they out of their hi-lighted and perfectly coiffed heads?

I think a large portion of our national workforce will  be suffering from sleep deprivation as they struggle to make it through their day. It's probably not a good day to be on the roads -- or in the air, for that matter. I'm really hoping our military guys and gals slept in this morning. I guess you could say that if we all watched the Royal Wedding, the terrorists win.

In fairness, Wills and Kate are an adorable couple who seem to truly love each other. She was absolutely beautiful, as was the dress. William was cute for about five minutes during his college years, but he cut a dashing figure in whatever the hell he was wearing this morning. I'm more of a Prince Harry fan anyway. There's something about a ginger.

I have no problem with William and Kate or the British royal family in general. I'm not British, so it doesn't bother me that an entire family that serves no practical purpose what-so-ever has been a huge drain on their nation's economy for several generations. You could feed the entire African continent on Elizabeth II's salary alone. Talk about a welfare queen.

It's been said that during tough economic times, huge, expensive over-the-top affairs like this help take people's minds off their troubles. There's nothing like a drunken conga line in the streets with thousands of strangers to help you forget the fact that your company is struggling, your boss has cut your hours and you're not sure if you can make your rent this month.

But the Brits don't seem to mind footing the bill for the Windsors' extravagances and from the reaction of the crowds in the streets of London, it looks like they feel they got their money's worth, although the royals could have at least sprung for an open bar.

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