Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rihanna's New Video "S&M" Banned in 11 Countries. Watch it here! (possibly NSFW)

You've heard it on the radio and thought, "WTF? Is that Rihanna?" Yes, boys and girls, it turns out that America's Caribbean Sweetheart, who became the poster girl for domestic violence after Hip Hop artist Chris Brown left bruises on her during an altercation in a limo on the way to the Grammies, likes it rough after all.

The pop diva's latest hit "S&M" has been banned from airing on MTV in 11 countries and both YouTube and DailyMotion have adult verification required before visitors can watch it. Well, in the interest of protecting my little flock of the faithful, I've seen it. Trust me, it's no big deal, but your boss may not like it, so be forewarned. As my girl SueLuv says, "She a freak."

The video is actually very playful and a little campy, but pretty tame. It's worth a peek, if for no other reason than seeing Perez Hilton on all fours, being lead around on a leash.

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