Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One of Victoria Jackson's personalities isn't a homophobe and she wants to prove it

Comedienne Victoria Jackson at a political ral...
Tea Party Train Wreck, Victoria Jackson 
Last month former SNL cast member Victoria Jackson made herself relevant for the first time in twenty-five years by writing in her column for the Fox "News" clone, WorldNetDaily, run by anti-gay hate group The American Family Association,  that she found Glee's Little Gay Kurt's big gay kiss "sickening".

Truthfully, she's such a has-been that I didn't even find it worth reporting on at the time. Not so for the rest of the gay blogosphere who gave the one-time funny lady turned born-again Christianist and Teabagger more attention than she's had since the original Bush administration and certainly more attention than she deserves.

The only reason I'm writing about it now is that her latest statements prove just how disturbed this woman really is. Even Sybil never changed personalities in mid-sentence. Here's what the middle-aged bimbo has to say about last month's Glee flap and a possible return to TV on Wife Swap (via Good As You):
"Man, that 'Glee' gay kiss thing sure caused an uproar. The show is written so well, with such great characters, it's a shame they have to sprinkle immorality all over it."
It's sort of like running over your neighbor's cat, then saying, "Fluffy was such a sweet kitty. What a shame she won't be able to crap in my petunias any more."

The teabagging twit goes on to write about how her agent contacted her to do the reality show "Wife Swap". Her husband finds the show's title too sexually suggestive, but Jackson writes "My agent thinks they'd swap me with a gay couple. That would be great because then I could show the world that I love gay people and I'm not the homophobic hate-monger the media are making me out to be. The other perk is that I could afford that Tacoma pick-up truck I want and pay off my credit card."

Sorry, Miss Jackson, you can rebuild your so-called career on the backs of some other minority group. Maybe BET is hiring. Better still, maybe you can join Glenn Beck in whatever new endeavors he'll be working on in his garage now that his career is following yours into obscurity.

This is the last time I'll be writing anything about this half-wit. It's more attention than she deserves.

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