Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Florida High School Class Elects Trans Prom Queen, Gay Prom King

Andii Viveros (L) and Juan Macias (R)
When it comes to the gays, Florida is all over the map. One minute gays can adopt, then they can't, then they can again. One year they elect a closeted gay governor, the next go 'round they elect a total homophobe.

There's not a gayer neighborhood than Miami's South Beach, with it's pastel-colored Art Deco architecture and citizens wandering the streets wearing nothing more than butt floss and a pair of designer shades. And like most of the rest of the states, it's okay for the gays to plan your wedding, but not their own.

But one thing that America's Vacation Wonderland has in common with the rest of the nation is that it's the kids who will ultimately decide the Culture Wars. From the looks of it, our side is winning.


A Florida transgender high school student was elected prom queen Friday night.
“They called my name and I was in total shock,’’ said Andii Viveros, a 17-year-old who was born male but has lived as a female for the past two years. Despite being bullied and taunted, the McFatter Technical High School senior has a strong support system — including a new principal who encouraged her to run for prom queen.
“She’s very supportive of me,” said Viveros, who beat out 14 other contestants for the title. “She said, 'Stay in the running. Don’t back down for anything.’”
The oldest of four siblings, Viveros also has the support of her parents. “I’ve always loved him unconditionally,” said her father, Oscar, a supervisor at a Fort Lauderdale garbage collection company, who paid for Andii’s prom gown and still uses male pronouns when referring to her. “I’ve made sure in our house he’s free to act and do whatever makes him comfortable.”
For the honor of prom king, McFatter students chose Juan Macias, a 17-year-old gay male senior.
Read the full story at Steve Rothaus' Gay South Florida.

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