Saturday, June 4, 2011

Viking Zombie Boyfriend, by Jeremy Rizza (6-4-11)

Jeremy writes...

As we’ve seen before, Dill in his pre-Rorik days was kind of a crappy boyfriend.  No wonder his old beaus are so sore at him! 

“Rowdy Joe” Rasputin: Two-Fisted Spiritualist was the title of my first attempt at a webcomic, from many years ago.  I wrote and drew three complete stories, got bogged down in the middle of a fourth and never finished it.  It didn’t help that hardly anybody knew it existed.  But it was similar to VZB in a lot of ways.  It was set in a Kansas where humans mixed with creatures from folklore.  Supporting characters included a tall, pale, musclebound man with a constantly bare, scarred chest.  The strip also had my first vaguely gay character: Dapper Dan, the mincing ghost of a former 18th century wig model.  Joe himself is a mysterious, nominally redneck shaman whose unique body chemistry (his blood resembles pressurized cheese spread) allows him to exorcise evil spirits by physically beating the crap out of them.  I loved writing Joe, so it made sense to me to integrate the two strips.  Other “Rowdy Joe” characters may show up in VZB later.

The permanent link to this week's strip is here. The first strip in this story line can be found here. Be sure to check out Viking Zombie Boyfriend on FaceBook. Visit CafePress for cool VZB merchandise.

Posted with permission.

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