Monday, June 6, 2011

No Opt-Out for Anti-Gay Servicemembers After DADT

Official portrait of United States Secretary o...Secretary of Defense Robert Gates
Secretary Gates has said that service man and women who object to serving with out gays and lesbians, will just have to suck it up and serve out their tours.

According to a Reuters report, a marine sergeant quizzed Secretary of Defense Robert Gates during his farewell tour of Afghanistan. Gates announced his retirement last week.

"Sir, we joined the Marine Corps because the Marine Corps has a set of standards and values that is better than that of the civilian sector. And we have gone and changed those values and repealed the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy," the sergeant told Gates during the question and answer session.
"We have not given the Marines a chance to decide whether they wish to continue serving under that. Is there going to be an option for those Marines that no longer wish to serve due to the fact their moral values have not changed?" he asked.
"No," Gates responded. "You'll have to complete your ... enlistment just like everybody else."
"The reality is that you don't all agree with each other on your politics, you don't agree with each other on your religion, you don't agree with each other on a lot of things," he added. "But you still serve together. And you work together. And you look out for each other. And that's all that matters."
Gates said training was underway to prepare the services for the new policy.
"If we do this right, nothing will change," he said. "You will still have to abide by the same rules of behavior, the same discipline, the same respect for each other that has been the case through all the history of the Marine Corps."
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