Monday, June 13, 2011

Viking Zombie Boyfriend, by Jeremy Rizza (6-13-11)

This week, we're playing catch up with a twofer post that wraps up the snow curse story line. Jeremy and his partner Chris have been a little preoccupied planning their upcoming wedding! Congrats, guys!

Jeremy writes:

The curse storyline was only going to be a couple of strips, but then I kept thinking up gags using the little snow cloud! But Kagami was always going to be the one to fix things.  She’s delusional, but she’s not crazy.

Since the curse only lasted a week or so in the strip’s timeframe but took up a couple of months in real time, that meant my strip about Rorik protesting the Thor movie was not going to be timed with the film’s opening after all.  Thank goodness for discount movie theaters, which always get their films after the full-price theaters are done with them! The time gap gave me an excuse to update Rorik’s beard.  I had been doodling him with the longer beard and I finally found what I think is an attractive way to draw it.  Apparently he’s recovered from his trauma at seeing a far more magnificent beard.  Likewise, I figured, what the hell, I’ll give Dill a new look too! I’m not entirely sold on it, but Dill seems like the kind of guy to try different hair and beard styles on himself.  And of course his trademark bushy goatee is still intact.  I wouldn’t mess with that!

The first strip in the curse storyline can be found here.  Permanent links to the 6/6/11 and 6/13/11strips are here and here.

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