Friday, June 3, 2011

Weinergate Deja Vu: "Have you seen this prick?" (video)

All this talk about Congressman Anthony Weiner's weiner has gotten a little old. First he says that someone hacked his Twitter account and sent a pic of his alleged junk to a college co-ed without his knowledge and denied that it was even his bulge in the photo.

Next, the congressman speculated that the photo could have been taken by his cell phone in his pocket and posted to Twitter when he was jostled by protesters outside his office. Talk about a smart phone! The only problem is, as you can plainly see, the guy in the photo is clearly not wearing pants.

Then he said he can't rule out the possibility that the rather impressive package isn't his, he just doesn't know how it got posted. As of this morning, Weiner says he will no longer discuss the subject.

Enough of this beating around the bush! It's time to call in the big guns... Beulah Ballbreaker!

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