Thursday, March 25, 2010

Barney Frank: "Passing ENDA, repealing DADT could happen this year."

Openly gay congressman Barney Frank says in in interview with the Windy City Times that he is optimistic about the future of the LGBT rights movement. "When we first started this [ fight for equality ] , we didn't know how hated we were. But the progress has been good, and it's mainly by coming out. Part of it is, you can't hide and win the fight at the same time," said Frank, who has represented Massachusetts' 4th Congressional District since 1981.

Frank told the Chicago LGBT newspaper, "The fact that the American people now know who we are, and that we are relatives and friends, customers and teammates, students and teachers, barbers, lawyers and policemen, etc. Coming out has helped us, so [ non-LGBT ] people realize we are them, too. In less than 20 years, I think [ LGBT issues ] will be substantially over; that is, we will have full legal equality. It may even be less if we make the same rate of progress," that we have in recent years. 

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  1. Barney....Barney.....where do you stand today Barney. One moment a GLBT leader...the next telling us we only trampling the grass in DC when we march there. You are a pessamist...telling us that we'll not see full equality for another twenty years....get real....we're not waiting that long !!


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