Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Viking Zombie Boyfriend, by Jeremy Rizza (03-02-10)

A note from the artist:
I changed the punchline dialog in this strip three times.  I’m really happy with what I ended up with.  Not that I know a darn thing about wine enthusiast jargon... like what the technical term is for a wine enthusiast.  “Oen-- um, something, something?” I dunno.  Thank goodness for the internet! I love the term “mouthfeel” by the way.  If you’re going to have something in your mouth, it might as well feel good. -- Jeremy Rizza 

Personally, I think wine enthusiasts can be a little pretentious and deserve to be haunted. That's why hangovers were invented. 
-- The Rev.

Posted with the permission of the artist. Click the image to embiggen.

Visit vikingzombieboyfriend.com for past strips, character back stories and cool merchandise.

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