Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gay Teen Can Bring Boyfriend to Prom, Parents Kick Him Out (video)

In January of this year, Georgia high school senior, Derrick Martin started lobbying his school for permission to attend his prom with his boyfriend. The school initially turned down his request, but later changed it's decision in the wake of the ruling in the federal court case of Mississippi teen Constance McMillen. The courts found last week that McMillen's school violated her free speech rights by not allowing her to attend her prom with her girlfriend.

The downside in the case of Derrick Martin is that his parents have thrown him out of his home in the wake of nationwide attention to the case. According to the Macon Telegraph, Martin is currently staying with a friend. His school has no plans to cancel the prom or take any further actions in the case.

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  1. One has to wonder what went on in his home while all this was happening. How was he being treated at home by his parents, and at school by other students..? Courage doesn't quite fit his persoanl struggle, for what he felt was just and right and a matter of basic civil rights. At some point, his parents will regret their decision....but could he at that point..forgive them..?


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