Friday, March 19, 2010

Retired U.S. General Blames Gays in Dutch Military for Bosnian Genocide (video)

If this was a TV show, it would be called "Desperate Douche Bags". We always knew that the enemies of equality lied about us in order to keep us down, but  the lies just keep getting more and more ridiculous. This one just so outrageous that I can't believe that this guy wasn't hauled off to the looney bin by the men in the white coats. The Associated Press reports:
A retired American general says Dutch troops failed to defend against the 1995 genocide in the Bosnian war partly because its army included openly gay soldiers.
A former NATO commander who retired from the military in 1997, John Sheehan, was speaking at a Senate hearing Thursday in opposition to a proposal to allow gays to serve openly in the U.S. military.
Sheehan says some European militaries deteriorated after the collapse of the Soviet Union, became liberalized, focused on peacekeeping and became ill-equipped for war.
Sheehan says Dutch troops defending the city of Srebrenica in the Bosnian war are an example. The city fell to Serb forces and some 8,000 Bosnian Muslims were captured and massacred.
 The truly scarey thing about this story is that this idiot was in charge of military operations anywhere and made life or death decisions on a daily basis. Here's the video from CNN:


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