Wednesday, March 31, 2010

General Apologizes For Dutch Gay Genocide Remark, DOJ Defends DADT with Outdated Powell Testimony

Last week, retired Marine General Jack Sheehan testified before a session of the Senate Armed Services Committee that the genocide committed in Bosnia during the 90's was the fault of gay soldiers serving in the Dutch military. Sheehan has apparently been spending his golden years in Bizzaro World.

It's funny how when things that are easily checkable are checked, the people making these foolish assertions look even more foolish. General Sheehan said he was told of the Dutch gay soldier problem by someone in the Dutch military named, "Hankman Berman", who apparently doesn't exist. There is, however there was someone in the Dutch Defense Ministry named General Henk van den Breeman who says that he never made such a statement.

Rachel also talked about a brief filed Monday by the Obama Justice Dept. in a court challenge to Don't Ask, Don't Tell using the words of retired General Colin Powell, who testified in favor of DADT back in 1993, to defend the homophobic policy. The only problem is that Powell has since changed his mind about DADT and has spoken out against it many, many times over the last few years.

While the DOJ is legally compelled to defend acts of congress when they're challenged, they could have done a little more homework on this one. On the other hand, perhaps they're deliberately setting themselves up for failure? Maybe Obama's heart just isn't in this fight. They do have to put on a good show though, so expect lots of anti-gay remarks to come out of the proceedings as this case moves forward.

Here's Rachel:

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