Monday, December 6, 2010

Former Marine Justin Elzie Tells His DADT Story on Fox "News" Sunday (Video)

Photo via GetEqual
Activist/Author/blogger and Former Marine Justin Elzie ventured into the lion's den yesterday to appear on the Chris Wallace show, Fox "News" Sunday to make the case for DADT Repeal. Elzie was the very first marine to be discharged under Bill Clinton's back-stabbing policy. He fought his discharge, was reinstated and served another four years with distinction as an out and proud gay service member, even being chosen "Marine of the Year". In case you hadn't noticed, the sky did not fall.

Elzie was among the 13 GetEqual protesters arrested at the White House fence a few weeks ago and led a protest in Lafayette Park over the summer, where former DNC Chairman Howard Dean made a spontaneous appearance and addressed the crowd and reporters about the pressing need for the president to take a more active leadership position in fulfilling his promise to end DADT.

Justin has been a supporter of this blog for a while now, so I feel a certain sense of pride in how well he handled himself with Wallace on Sunday, despite the homophobicly-slanted questions. Elzie's book "Playing by the Rules" is now in book stores. He is a regular contributor to the blog Queer New York.

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