Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Pope Enjoys the Boys in a Command Performance Strip Tease (video)

Last summer news broke of a male prostitution ring being run out of the Vatican. It was very embarrassing for Papa Ratzi, who prefers to keep these things confined to the privacy of the buddy booth confessional.

Apparently the former Hitler Youth feels really bad about the whole thing. Just a couple of weeks ago he said in his new book that it's okay for the toy boys to use condoms to keep from spreading the AIDS. What a nice guy!

In an interesting twist, the The Holy Man in a Dress apparently feels really guilty about the kids losing their jobs, so he got them all a gig as erotic acrobatic dancers. Isn't this the same thing that Wikileaks revealed U.S. money was paying for in Afghanistan last week? As my dearly departed uncle the priest used to say, "Sometimes they don't mind so much."

This video has gone viral in the last 24 hours. I hope "He Who Must Not Be Named" has a minion standing by to wipe the drool from his chin. Towards the end you can see a group of nuns preparing to toss their undies at the dancers. Mojitos for everybody!

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