Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday Update: Damn, it's cold!

Ducks on Ice 1 (Photo credit P. Reneau)
Just a couple of pics from Winter '07 to illustrate how cold it is this morning here at Morning Wood Acres. (30 freakin' degrees!) The pond, which overflowed into the basement in Tuesday night's torrential rains, is starting to freeze over.

The ducks are totally frustrated and confused, especially B.D. (Baby Duck) who was born in July. This is her first winter and she's totally bummed that there's only a small patch of water a few feet across to swim in. The older ducks should be used to it by now, but ducks aren't known for their smarts.

Have a great weekend!
Ducks on Ice 2 (Photo credit P. Reneau)

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