Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! Creative Block & Offline Wireless Routers Make the Rev a Dull Boy

I knew today was going to "one of those days" when I logged on this morning, checked the news feeds and saw that nothing really earth-shattering had happened over night. Sure there's always some celebrity BS to write about during a slow news period, but, I've sort of reached the saturation point for this week. Although, the news that Jersey Shore skank Snooki will be lowered in a large hamster ball over a crowd of other skanks tonight to ring in the new year does merit some mention, only because it shows how desperate the 24/7 cable news channels are for something to talk about today.

There are rumors that Justin Beiber's balls may also drop tonight, but that is unconfirmed at this time.

In other news, yes, I had to work today, although, we're closing early and I'll be outta here by 6pm.

No big celebrations for the Rev. tonight. Paul and I usually just watch TV 'til the hamster ball drops, share a kiss and some non-alcoholic champagne substitute and go to bed.

In looking back over the past year, there is so much to go over. Everybody is compiling their Top-10 lists of everything that happened over the last 12 months. Tonight we also mark the passing of the first decade of the 2000's, so there are already retrospectives about the dark years of the Bush administration, 9/11, the misguided wars we're engaged in and all that crap.

Earlier this week, I asked readers to comment about what they thought were the big stories of the year. I got some feedback on FaceBook from a few people. Most thought the repeal of DADT was the big LGBT story of the year. While this is an historic milestone in our ongoing fight for equality, I think the real story is how our community came together in the past year to get this done.

Ordinary members of the LGBT community from all over the country, yes, even here in little podunk Roanoke, wrote letters and e-mails, made phone calls, lobbied their reps in person and demanded our rights. If not for the efforts of all of us, from everywhere in the U.S., this would not have happened. DADT repeal was the goal, but the big story is how we made it happen.

Our collective New Year's Resolution should be to keep up the pressure and the momentum to get DOMA repealed and get ENDA and the Uniting American Families Act passed. UAFA is legislation that would give LGBT American citizens in a committed relationship with someone from another country, the right to sponsor their partner/spouse for U.S. citizenship, the same way that opposite sex married couples can.

It's safe to say that we have passed the tipping point and the majority of Americans now support LGBT equality, but that doesn't mean we can kick back and relax. The right wing is retaking control in Washington in a couple of weeks and they are determined to undo the progress we've achieved and to see to it that the president fails. Love him or hate him, Obama is our best hope right now for moving forward. We've got to keep up the pressure on him and congress now more than ever.

Have a great time tonight, but don't get too crazy. Thanks for your support this year. I sometimes think that I'm the only one who reads my blog, but then I'll hear from someone who says thanks or tells me they like what I'm doing. That means so much to me and I  really appreciate your support.

Happy New Year!
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