Friday, December 24, 2010

A very special Christmas Special: Dr. Who A Christmas Carol

You can have your Charlie Brown, your Rudolph, your Frostie and your Grinch. Nobody does a Christmas special like Dr. Who, the British time traveling SciFi hero.

Every Christmas the new season of Dr. Who premiers in the UK on BBC1 with the Doctor chasing aliens and saving Earth from total destruction. We usually don't get to see the holiday special here in the states until sometime in the spring, but this year, producers have decided to spread their holiday cheer across the pond so us yanks can watch along with the Brits on Christmas night at 9pm on BBC America.

In previous years ~ and previous Doctors (there have been 11) ~ the doctor has saved the planet from a giant spider queen, an invasion of Daleks pent on exterminating the human race and an alien cruise ship replica of the Titanic about to crash into Buckingham Palace (which he accomplishes with the help of pop singer Kylie Minogue).

This year the Doctor encounters an intergalactic Ebenezer Scrooge, who lends money to the needy, provided they have the necessary collateral, a family member. Harry Potter's Michael Gambon guest stars. So put the kids to bed early, spike the eggnog and tune in to BBC America for a a roller coaster of a Christmas special. Did I mention there are aliens? 

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