Thursday, December 23, 2010

WTF, Man!? Pat Robertson Favors Pot Decriminalization

With all the fanfare surrounding the yesterday's historic signing of DADT repeal, you may have missed this little tidbit of news. In yet another sign that we are winning the culture wars, Christianist snake oil salesman/nut-job Pat Robertson has come out in favor of marijuana decriminalization.

The 700 Club founder, who believes he can steer away hurricanes with the power of prayer, said this week on his show that locking up pot smokers is a mistake. He believes that sending them to faith-based treatment facilities is a better solution.

I don't know about you, but religious bullshittery is one of the things that drove me to smoke pot in the first place at the age of 15.

The Christian Coalition founder, who has made demonizing the LGBT community a successful recruiting tactic for his televangelist mega-church and who fleeces little old ladies on a daily basis to build his financial empire, told his gullible sheeple, "We're locking up people that have taken a couple puffs of marijuana and next thing you know they've got 10 years with mandatory sentences. These judges just say, they throw up their hands and say nothing we can do with these mandatory sentences. We've got to take a look at what we're considering crimes and that's one of 'em."

Like most right-wing conservatards, once Pat sees that he could financially gain by changing his position, he has an epiphany straight from heaven. Maybe he'll come out in favor of changing prostitution laws now. So many of our politicians are getting busted for this victimless crime, when what they really need is a little quality time with Baby Jesus.

I'm posting the video here. He goes on a bit about his prison ministry. I guess it helps when you're selling bullshit to have a captive audience. Be warned, if you're trying to not overeat during the Holidays, this may help motive you. If you still have a gag reflex, you may want to have a bucket handy.

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