Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Festivus for the Rest of Us!

So you don't like all the commercialism and insanity associated with Christmas? Join the small but growing number of people who celebrate Festivus, the alternative winter holiday created by Frank Castanza on the popular on the 90's sitcom "Seinfeld".

The annual celebration takes place every December 23rd. Instead of a Christmas tree, there is a simple aluminum Festivus Pole, because as Frank says, "it has a very high strength to weight ratio" and because he finds tinsel distracting. The Festivus dinner has no special traditional favorites, is open to everyone and involves the Airing of the Grievances and the Feats of Strength.

So let the rest of the world stress out over the perfect gift, the perfect meal, the perfect tree and decorations and all the annoying carolers. Tonight, kick back with some take-out, bitch about your family, wrestle with your friends, then lay down on the couch and stare at your pole.

Happy Festivus, everyone! 

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