Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BlogActive's Mike Rogers: "Republican Mark Kirk is gay."

Blogger Mike Rogers, of BlogActive, who famously outed Congressman Larry Craig and and four other closeted, anti-gay politicians has set his sights on Republican Mark Kirk, who's currently running for the Illinois senate seat once held by Barack Obama.

Rogers reports that, although Kirk has a pretty good rating from HRC on LGBT issues, it was his decision not to vote in favor of DADT repeal that prompted him to expose the GOP closet case. Ironically, Kirk served as a  Navy reservist for 21 years and could have been kicked out under DADT. Over the weekend Rogers wrote on his blog:
Within hours of the DADT repeal vote I was contacted by two people who knew Kirk from his college days.

"In law school in DC everyone knew Mark was gay," the first source told me. I explained that the information was intriguing, it would not be enough to go on. He continued, "But I had sex with him a number of times." Well, now we're onto something I thought. "Could someone verify for me that you knew Kirk and went to school with him?" I asked. "Yes" was the swift reply. "Could you recall personal details about Kirk that others may not know?" "Yes," he said.

And he did.

The next source claimed to have gone to undergraduate school with Kirk. I asked for proof that he and Kirk were in school together and once that was shared with me, I met with the source. The source introduced me to a man who had also been friends with Kirk in college. They both shared with me their interactions with Kirk, including one sexual in nature. The source who claimed to have sex with Kirk described personal details about the House, um, er, "member." The description was the same as the first source.

Kirk is also under fire in the mainstream press for exaggerating his military service in his campaign and for lying about an award he claims to have received for his military service in Kosovo. The Washington Post reports this morning:
Rep. Mark Kirk, the GOP candidate for the Senate seat once held by President Obama, misrepresented his military record as recently as last summer, according to a Web video for Kirk's campaign that resurfaced Tuesday.

"The Navy named Mark Intelligence Officer of the Year for his combat service in Kosovo," the narrator of the two-minute video says, while photos of Kirk in military attire scroll in the background.

Kirk, whose Illinois Senate campaign has emphasized his service in the Navy Reserves, acknowledged last week that he did not receive the award, despite a claim in his official biography and his own statements in a 2002 House committee hearing. A unit Kirk led in Aviano, Italy, received an award from the National Military Intelligence Association for outstanding service in 2000.

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