Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tell the Democrats How you Feel

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has launched a page on its web site called Your Voice Matters where they are asking members of the LGBT community for our opinion of the DNC. I say we let them have it, right in the face!

The format is very simple, a space for comments and spaces for your contact information. The DNC promises to deliver all of the comments to DNC Chairman and former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine. There are a few things I'd like to share with him about his lack of action on LGBT rights during his four-years in Richmond as well.

Here are some of the things I'm going to share with the do-nothing Dems:

1. LGBT Americans are tired of supporting candidates that pay lip service to our community during election campaigns, then throw us under the bus to save their own careers once they are in office.

2. We insist on a moratorium on discharges under Don't Ask, Don't Tell until full repeal is achieved. We insist on a time table for full repeal. We insist on a legally binding non-discrimination policy for military service to protect LGBT service members in the future.

3. We insist that congress pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) this year with full protection for the trans members of our community. We will not allow Democrats to strip protection from employment discrimination on the basis of gender expression or identity from ENDA in order to save their own jobs this November.

4. We call on Democrats to begin the process of repealing the unconstitutional Defense of Marriage Act and to work for full legal recognition of our relationships and families.

5. We put the Democrats on notice that failure to follow through on their commitment to LGBT Americans, who have supported them for over four decades, will result in the loss of our support with our votes and our checkbooks.

Click here to go to the site and share your opinion.
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  1. I've just shared my thoughts with the DNC and with Chairman Kaine who just happens to be my Senator here's what I had to say to them.....

    Dear DNC/Chairman Kaine Only now as we near the midterm elections do you asked how we the LGBT Community feels and so I'll tell you. It's not that you haven't heard it already since I live in Virginia so you Senator Kaine are my Senator and I've wrote you or should I say I've wrote to you countless times. I doubt you ever read or saw any of those messages. Anyway here's how I and...I would guess most of the LGBT Community feels. WE agreed with believed then Candidate Obama when he spoke of the injustice's that LGBT people suffer as second class Americans. We Trusted him when he PROMISED us CHANGE if he were elected so we volunteered we made calls we knocked on door and answered phones we poured our hearts, time and money into getting him elected and in the process handing the Democrats both houses of government. Candidate Obama made a boat load of promises that he, the Congress nor the Senate has lived up to. Yes I know the Hate Crimes bill got signed into law, but it wasn't by any effort from President Obama.... it's a law that still isn't being used by local and Federal athorites and obvious hate crimes still go unpunished...When he (President Obama) took office we were told to wait...until he dealt with some of the more pressing needs of the country, we have. Then we were told to wait again while Congress took up working on the Health Care bill again we did. Now you would have us wait again until after the midterms elections,but yet you ask us to support you in the meantime. You must think us fools ! I think one of the biggest problems in Washington is that Congressman and Senators worry more about getting themselves re-elected to their cushy jobs then they do about doing whats right for their constituents. WE were promised the END of DADT and DOMA and yet neither has been repealed we were also promised a fully Inclusive ENDA, but yet it sits languishing on a shelve everyone afraid to touch it. Now in an effort to make us believe Washington is doing something for us and in an attempt to get us on board for the midterms you hand us this watered down version of DADT repeal, you must truly think we're stupid ! Handing control of when,and how DADT is repealed over to the Military will result in ...DADT NEVER being repealed and NEVER again seeing the light of day. WE have Been patient and waited now we are demending EQUAILTY ! We ARE Americans and are Entitled to the same rights as every other American. So I say to you DNC/ Chairman Kaine No More Money No More Voluteering and No more votes until we see our issues being signed into law.

    Ms Brandi Parker


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