Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pa. Jury Rules Philly Can't Evict Homophobic Boyscouts

Some people are against scouting because they believe it militarizes kids and is nothing more than a breeding ground for the armed forces, others because it segregates by sex and reinforces old stereotypes of what is appropriate masculine or feminine behavior for children.

Personally, I enjoyed being a cub scout when I was a kid -- for about 5 minutes. It is so ironic that the one after school activity that gets kids ridiculed and bullied for, the group with the the gayest uniforms on the planet, has a "No Gays" rule. 

(Philadelphia) A jury says the city of Philadelphia cannot evict a local Boy Scouts chapter from a city-owned building for refusing to admit gays.

The city insisted that nonprofits given free use of its property must abide by local anti-discrimination laws.

The scouts said they can legally limit their membership because of a 2000 Supreme Court decision. They had sued in federal court to stop the eviction.

Cradle of Liberty Council leaders have tried to walk a fine line to retain city support without losing their national Boy Scouts charter. The national organization bans gays.

Scouts lawyer Jason Gosselin says he hopes the two sides can work out their differences in negotiations.
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