Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Judge Walker to Hear Closing Arguments in Prop 8 Challenge Today

After what seems like years but was only a couple of months, Judge Vaughn Walker will hear closing arguments in the federal challenge to California's Proposition 8, the Mormon-funded voter initiative that allowed bigoted voters to take away the marriage rights of people they'd never met.

The folks at Prop 8 Trial Tracker will again be live blogging the proceedings. You can follow the updates on the FaceBook page Equality on Trial and following them on Twitter, @Equallityon Trial. There really isn't anything new that's expected today. This will be a summary of the arguments and testimony made by both sides during the trial.

As the case comes to a close and Judge Walker prepares to deliberate, you may want to catch the documentary "8: The Mormon Proposition" which follows the money trail of the tax-exempt Mormon Church in their efforts to restrict the rights of tax-paying Americans. The film opens this weekend in selected cities.

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