Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Study Shows Gaydar May be Real

Where would we queers be without our gaydar? We depend on it almost as much as bats depend on sonar to help us navigate our way through life. A new study conducted by Dutch scientists suggests what we've always known, that gaydar is real.

For the uninitiated, gaydar is that sixth sense that all of us queer folks have that helps us identify each other on the street, in the workplace, or anywhere that we normally might be just a face in the mostly hetero crowd.

This is just one more time that some group of eggheads spent a whole bunch of money to find out something they could have just asked us about. Still, it's always reassuring to have something we've always known about ourselves to be validated.

Let this be a warning to closeted gay politicians with homophobic agendas, You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fools the gays!

The NY Daily News reports:
For the research, 42 gay and straight volunteers were presented with photos of outlines of large squares and rectangles. Each shape was packed with smaller shapes. Generally, the human brain is programmed to take in the larger picture, so when people see a rectangle-filled square, they're likely to say it is filled with squares.

When the men and women were presented with similar questions about the pictures they had been shown, the straight volunteers answered faster but were less accurate. The gay men and women, on the other hand, were slower to answer but were right more of the time, especially when they were asked about the smaller shapes.

This suggests they are able to hone in on even very small details as well as the bigger picture, according to the research, which appeared in the journal Frontiers in Cognition. In gays' daily routine, researchers believe, this close attention to detail could help them to detect others' sexual preferences.
 If your gaydar isn't what it used to be, you might consider the Gaydar Gun:

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