Friday, June 11, 2010

Trans Singer/Songwriter Georgie Jessup to Appear at Roanoke's Rally for Equality

I am thrilled to announce that Native American/Trans Activist/Singer-Songwriter Georgie Jessup has agreed to perform at Roanoke Equality's 2nd Annual Rally for GLBT Equality on Saturday, June 26th at Elmwood Park. The rally will take place from 10:45 a.m. - 12:15p.m. near the Franklin Rd. entrance.

Ms. Jessup will be in Roanoke appearing at the Pride in the Arts International GLBT Film Festival and has agreed to be the opening and closing act for our rally as well.

The film festival will be taking place over three days at the Shadowbox Cinema. Jessup is featured in the documentary, "Woman in a Man's Suit". The film is just one of five independent queer films being screened over the weekend of June 25 - 27. Tickets are on sale now at the Pride in the Arts website at just $6 each for advance purchase and $7 each at the door. Additional discounts apply if you purchase tickets for all five films.

This is the first ever event of it's kind in Roanoke and I am so thrilled that Stonewall Society founder, Len Rogers has brought us this gift.

One of the things that has long been missing in Roanoke is some sort of recognition of the Stonewall Riots, which took place 41 years ago this month. The very first "Pride Parades" were, in reality, Gay Liberation protest marches held in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco on the first anniversary of Stonewall, 40 years ago. The film festival and rally are two great ways to celebrate our history of activism, our acheivements and the artistic contributions of queer artists to American culture.

Mark you calendars, buy your tickets and come out and express your queer spirit!

Eve Ziebert of The Washington Post described Georgie Jessup's sound as "... cold soul, thrill-seeking, Motown social-conscience funk." Check out Georgie's music for yourself at her website.

If you are unfamiliar with Len Rogers and his 40-year history of activism and promotion of GLBT artists, there is an excellent article at the blog, Jed Central that appeared Wednesday, chronicling his career and highlighting the Pride in the Arts International Film Festival. Check it out.
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  1. Great job also are a gift to our community !!

  2. Thanks for the post Steve! It looks and reads very nicely. I am looking forward to the rally very much. Hope to see all of your readers there!...and at the film premier of Woman In A Man's Suit. The title is two-fold; first it is a song and CD title that is about a dream I had in 1988 that involved my grandmother. Later I found a picture of her in my grandfather's three piece suit with hat and cane looking very cool and "Freda-like". Second it does describe me as a person in the sense that I was born a man but certainly I never identified with being one. I am an activist in that I never tried to deny who and what I am even after my SRS operation. I am walking, living, breathing tradition in the most sincere sense and I apologize to no one. Fighting the good fight for future generations: "leave my bones up on the mountain. Send my spirit out to sea. Let my people know my journey...bury my heart at Wounded Knee!"


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