Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Music Video: "Alejandro", by Lady Gaga

"Alejandro", the latest video from Lady Gaga, features all the artsy-fartsy, over-the-top imagery you've come to expect. Lots of scantily-clad men gyrating with the pop diva and each other and some religious symbolism that's been compared to Madonna's blasphemous classic "Like a Prayer" could make this NSFW (not suitable for work)

I'm all in favor of pushing the envelope, the use of homoerotic imagery and a healthy dose of nose-thumbing at the church, but what's with all the Moe Howard haircuts? 


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  1. I think she has taken Madonna a step further...and that's fine. There were images of men touching other men...oh my, and the scenes on the bed were an artistic rebellion for sure. The haircuts and oversized black shorts were strange and non-flattering however...if you're going to do this,do it in the most attractive way you can.She pushes the envelope of non-conformity.


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