Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wondering what happened to Viking Zombie Boyfriend?

You may have noticed that Viking Zombie Boyfriend hasn't appeared in it's regular Tuesday spot for a couple of weeks. Apparently there have been some technical problems that are being worked on. There have been times when the strip has been delayed for one reason or another. I usually just post is as soon as it's available and I'll that this time as well. Artist Jeremy Rizza posted the following message on his site last week:

6/14/10: Rizza Cartoon Studios (a.k.a. my condo) had some minor flooding last night.  It got under the carpet, so when I stepped anywhere there were fun squishing noises and huge wet spots would appear.  So this week’s strip is going to be delayed for a few days while I clean up the mess! What do you have to look forward to, eventually? Well, there’s three more strips down the pike dealing with Rorik’s friendship with Kagami, including a creative “punishment” he comes up with to pay Dill back for hounding him about it.  And in July? More Paco!

-- Jeremy Rizza

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