Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally: Fueling the Fear of the Future (Video)

Beck addresses the unwashed masses at his "Restoring Honor" Rally.
I haven't written about Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor Rally" up to now, because I usually don't like to shine a  spotlight on the insanity that's taken hold of the country, especially among the dwindling numbers of  desperate and terrified refugees of the Culture Wars. Seriously, these folks are pathetic. But now I'm thinking I should shine that spotlight and as often as possible.

These are the frightened, lost sheep who feel abandoned by the Republicans and who are turning to nut-jobs like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin to fuel their fear of the future. With neither the Democrats or Republicans showing strong leadership, the disillusioned masses are falling prey to Beck and Palin and their ilk and to the leaderless Tea Party.

We are at a cultural turning point in this country. Liberal/progressive causes have been kept at arms length for four decades, because the Democrats have failed to lead. With LGBT rights groups and other liberal orgs pressuring the president to move decisively forward on repealing DADT and DOMA and to pass ENDA, the Obama Administration has been overly-cautious, so as not to offend a deflated and leaderless Republican Party. A Republican president, as we have seen, would never have dragged his/her feet for nearly two years to get his/her agenda through.

The Neo-Con movement is dead and buried and as the Republicans struggle to redefine themselves, without the help of the religious right, whose political leadership died with Jerry Fallwell, those on the extreme far right, who are by and large undereducated, extremely conservative, extremely religious, blue-collar families,  are easy prey for scheisters like Beck and Pailn, who have taken the snake oil medicine show to new heights for the gullible, pathetic masses.

The future is coming whether we like it or not. The Tea Baggers, the Evangelicals, Pentecostals, the all the other Fox "News" loyalists are simply reacting to their fear of the unknown and allowing themselves to be taken over by Mob Mentality and being led, blindly and deliberately by opportunistic charlatans who are only too happy to pass out the torches and pitch forks.

The video below is an interview segment done at the rally. These people are very scary. Notice how they all talk about taking back their country and "going back" to some imaginary point in time when they think things were so much better in this country. Fear of the future is what drives these people. It's a sign that we are finally poised to achieve our goals, if our leaders will only lead. Are these the people you want running your country again? With GOProud's HomoCon Convention scheduled for the end of September, dangerously close to the November mid-terms, LGBT Rights is quickly becoming a bi-partisan issue and the Democrats had better be worried.

When you are confronted by right-wing nut-jobs spewing their ignorance, stupidity and hate, let them rant. In fact, hand them a microphone and point your cam at them. The more they rant, the more they drive rational Americans to become more tolerant.
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