Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Watch: Neighbors drive away anti-gay Christians from their street (video)

This video comes to us from Canada, where you'd expect a little more respect for diversity than here in the states. Members of Highfield Road Gospel Hall have been harassing gays and lesbians on this street for seven years, staging protests in front of their homes and shouting biblical verses and prayers at their houses. According to a post on Slog the Stranger, these people have even driven out a lesbian couple who couldn't stand the weekly harassment. Although the church is on this street, none of these members live there.

In a show of support and solidarity, these non-gay residents stand up to and drive away the sanctimonious street preachers, who claim to have the right to make life miserable for tax-paying, law-abiding citizens. I'm no expert on Canadian law, but that can't be right.

Here's what the videographer posted on his YouTube page:
"This is a group from a church at the end of my street. Apparently they have been grouping in front of a couple's house and reading their bible loudly for the past 7 years. They may have also driven another couple from the area as well by doing the same thing. Tonight most of our neighbours came out and were successful in getting them to leave. The people who go to that church don't even live in our area! Police came by shortly thereafter."

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