Friday, August 20, 2010

Actor Steven Collins To Play Uncle Saul's Boyfriend on "Brothers and Sisters"

If you're of a certain age (well, my age) you've seen actor Steven Collins in a variety of rolls over the years on TV and in movies. I personally fell in lust with the TV dad from the long-running series, "Seventh Heaven" when I first saw him as Commander Decker in "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" back in 1979 (I told you I was old).

Well it seems one of my dreams is almost about to come true, as Collins returns to series TV playing the love interest of Uncle Saul (played by Ron Rifkin) on ABC's "Brothers and Sisters". I say "almost" because, after all, it's only acting. Collins is not actually gay, so far.

To be truthful, I gave up on watching BS in it's second season. I also come from a large annoying family that is constantly looking for reasons to fight with each other and I found the show just too unrealistic. While it's true that big families are always in each others' business and have no personal boundaries, they never -- and I mean N-E-V-E-R -- apologize for it. There are no heartfelt, teary-eyed scenes where one family member tells the other, "I'm sorry. I should have minded my own business." It just doesn't happen.

On the other hand, BS is to be commended for taking on the subject of gays coming out later in life through Uncle Saul. Most shows with gay characters are so PC about it that they don't really dig down deep enough to come up with a decent, original or realistic story line. There is even talk that Uncle Saul will find out he's HIV positive this season. So kudos to the show's writers and/or producers for bringing one of my favorite silver daddies back to TV. Now if they could just work on making Sally Field a little less whiny and let the characters hold long, nasty, self-destructive grudges that eat away at their souls for years on end, I might watch the show again.
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