Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Flight Attendant Goes Off, Makes Dramatic Exit (video)

This is the only way to quit your job! JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater had finally had enough of rude passengers yesterday and made his feelings known in no uncertain terms.

As the Pittsburgh to JFK flight taxied toward the gate, a passenger began taking his luggage out of the overhead storage compartment. Doing his job, Slater told the man to wait until the plane stopped. The passenger used some choice language and continued taking out his bag, which hit Slater in the head. Slater then went on the PA system, cussed out the offending passenger, announce he was quitting his job, opened the emergency exit, deployed the inflatable slide, grabbed two beers off the beverage cart and made his final exit in style. He was later arrested at his home.

It seems everybody is talking about this story since it happened Monday afternoon. Even Time Magazine is weighing in with it its list, The 5 Best Things About Flight Attendant Steven Slater's Freakout:

1. Before he exited, he grabbed a beer from the beverage cart.
2. After sliding down the emergency chute, he got on the Air Train, removed his company tie and threw it to the ground.
3. NBC New York: "When authorities found Slater he seemed to be in the midst having sexual relations."
4. When the cops came to get him, a neighbor working on a nearby roof said he “had a smile on his face when the cops brought him out, like, ‘Yeah, big deal.' ”
5. He certainly got his 15 minutes of fame. 
Here's how NBC's "The Today Show" cover it.

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